Get a copy of Finneus’ new CD “Enjoy the Ride” with a donation of $10 or more

This year the guys in Finneus and I have decided to donate all of the proceeds from the sale or our new CD “Enjoy the Ride” to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. At our recent show in Oswego, we were able to sell 20 copies, so we’ve got $200 so far. Head to my donation site now and I’ll send you a link to a site where you can download all 7 songs. I will also mail you a physical CD if you want one as well.

To make a donation now, go to


Visit to St. Jude – Memphis

2014-05-16 11.28.22

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the St. Jude hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. We spent most of the day Friday touring the hospital. It was a very emotional day to say the least, surrounded by many patients and their families as we walked through the halls of the hospital.

The staff at St. Jude has got to be the most dedicated staff you will ever find. Every employee we spoke with reiterated the importance of our mission, giving everything we have to save kids’ lives and help find cures for cancer.

A few things that I learned that I wanted to pass on.

1. St. Jude has many advanced facilities that are not found in many locations in the US. Some of the more advanced technologies are often the only one of its kind not held by private companies. This is important because when St. Jude finds medicines and/or techniques that are working, they are shared with the entire medical community, benefiting everyone ASAP without concerns of profit.

2. Many former patients have gone on to careers at the hospital. We were fortunate enough to chat with a current employee who fought for her life for 10 years. Now she tells her story as a way to help St. Jude continue its mission.

3. When the hospital started in 1962, the overall survival rate for children with various types of cancer was 20%. That number has increased to 80% today. There is still a lot of work to do, but significant progress is being made every year.

4. Most patients at St. Jude are not in-patient. There are at least 3 different “housing options” for patients, depending on how long and how often their treatment is likely to be. From “hotel style” to long term apartments for those with a longer road to recovery. These different “houses” receive support from many large corporations, celebrities and concerned citizens.

5. If you are ever in Memphis, you can call in advance and schedule a tour as well. It was very educational, inspirational, and we met a ton of very great people.

I am also going to post a few pictures from my trip for everyone to see. The following pictures hang in a hallway on the main floor. There is one for each letter of the alphabet. They will make you think, make you cry and occasionally make you laugh. I hope they provide some inspiration and motivate others to help out.

J is for Joy

V is for Vomet

2014-05-16 12.59.37

2014 St. Jude Fundraiser – Bring Finneus home with you!

St. Jude LogoFinneus Logo

Bring Finneus home with you!!!

As part of my 2014 St. Jude Fundraising effort, I’d like to try something new.  As many of you know, I’ve been playing with Finneus for over 20 years now, and running for St. Jude for 11 years.  Yes I know, I’m getting old…

At any rate, this year Chris, Steve and I would like to bring Finneus to your house, in the name of St. Jude.  Essentially, we come out and do an acoustic set at your house.  You can invite as few or as many people as you want.  Backyard BBQ, pool party, whatever the excuse to get together, make it more fun by adding Finneus and St. Jude.

We would agree on a minimum donation in advance.  Of course if attendees also want to contribute at the event, they are more than welcome to do so.  All proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  For more information check out the websites listed below.

If you are interested, you can reach me at 630-452-3329 or email me at

We will find a date that works for both sides.


Dave Bucher

and for information on Finneus


St. Jude Fundraiser this Friday in Oswego

St. Jude's Fundraiser

Things are coming together nicely for Friday night. Couple quick notes…

Please bring cash if possible. I’m sure most people will arrive around the same time, so it will allow us to move people through the line much more quickly and get those kids bouncing.

Please spread the word. If you’re on Facebook, let people know you are coming! Here is the event.

Thanks again to all of the local businesses that have donated to our raffle. Buying raffle prizes should prove to be a very sound investment, we have a ton of great prizes.

Comedy Shrine – Aurora
Oberweis – Oswego
Famous Dave’s – Oswego
Zsa Zsa’s Boutique – Oswego
Jersey Mike’s – Oswego
Rosati’s – Oswego
The Chicago Wolves
Cupcakes 2 Remember – Oswego
Firehouse Pizza – Oswego
Kendall 10 – Oswego
Sports Zone – Aurora
Fore Family Fun – Oswego
IHOP – Oswego
Fruitful Yield – Oswego
Mik’s – Oswego
Fruitful Yield – Oswego

2013 Tinley Park Canning

Just wanted to send a quick note and thank the generous people of Tinley Park. I participated in a canning event in Tinley Park this past Saturday morning. We far surpassed the amount raised in previous years’ canning events.

I also had one person tell me that they were saved by St. Jude Hospital when they were an infant. That absolutely made my day. So awesome to run into a St. Jude survivor while out there canning!


2013 St. Jude Fundraiser

Along with my friend and new recruit Charlie Walsh (dare we call him Charlie Helps Kids?), we will be hosting a St. Jude Fundraiser at Bouncetown in Oswego on Friday July 19th from 6 to 8:30 PM.

– Bouncing at Bouncetown!!!
– Live music (Dave & Steve from Finneus) musical chairs for kids
– Adult musical chairs??? Sounds like fun right parents!
– 50/50 raffle plus other raffle prizes
– Pizza & pop

So here is the itinerary for the night.
6:00 – Open bouncing
7:30 – Pizza & pop
7:30 – Raffles
8:00 – Musical Chairs

Cost is $10 for adults, $15 for kids, includes pizza & pop, unlimited bouncing!

Profits go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

To order tickets, please email Dave at

Here’s a link to the Event in Facebook, let everyone know you are coming! Pass it on!!!


2013 St. Jude Run Planning is underway!

This week the registration started for the 2013 St. Jude Run. I wasted no time in getting registered and will be working on getting my official St. Jude page up and running as well as starting to ramp up this page for 2013 events. This will be my 10th year participating in the run, so I convinced my sister Laura to join me this year!

One thing we will be working on is a family fundraising event with music and probably some artwork and other activities for the kids. No date yet, no complete plans yet, just some ideas. More to come there.

I will keep this short & sweet, but if you can help out, donations are now accepted for the 2013 run! Here’s the link.

Here’s a great picture of Mitchell and I from last year’s run. Few more years and he can take some of the miles from his old man…
dave & mitchell2

Thanks for your continued support,


Hitting the pavement

Looks like we caught a break and the weather is actually supposed to be reasonable tomorrow, only in the low-mid 80’s, as opposed to the Arizona like heat we’ve been suffering from for the past 6 weeks.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, I’m just shy of $4,500, well eclipsing my previous best of $2,750. I have over 60 people that have donated this year! Thank you so much.

I will share some stories and pictures when I get back from Peoria on Sunday.