“A Couple Days”

This recording was recently performed in March 2012. Recorded over a course of 3 sessions in Jeff’s basement recording studio, this was a collaborative work written by Dave and co-produced by members of his band Finneus (www.finneus.com). This performance features Dave Bucher on Vocals and Bass, Steve Tannheimer on Guitars, Brian Mickey on Drums, and Jeff Dometita on Keyboards.

Click the link above and take a listen. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on ““A Couple Days”

  1. This song sounds fantastic!!! It sounds like it was recorded in a professional home basement recording studio… The acoustic space reminds me of my basement actually…. Nice job Dav… The recording sounds excellent and you did a nice job on the website 😉 Looking forward to seeing the video… Everyone, please Help Dave Help Kids.. He’s doing all the hard work… We don’t even have to run..

  2. Here are the lyrics to “Couple Days”

    I’m on the run, but not far from home
    Strangers welcome us to their town
    It’s like a carnival, for a minute or two
    Yeah we’ll turn this place upside down
    Hospitality and gratitude replace apathy and solitude

    In a couple days we’ll be far from here
    But we hope to leave our mark
    I saw a couple smiles
    That wouldn’t have been there otherwise

    I do believe that we’ve done a good thing here
    I do believe that around here they hold us dear

    For what we did for a couple days
    The way we spent a couple days
    It only took a couple days

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