St. Jude Run 2012

2012 will be my ninth consecutive year participating in the St. Jude Run from Chicago to Peoria.  For those not familar with the run, here is a little bit of information.

On July 20th and 21st, 175 runners will take off from Midwestern University in Downers Grove on a 30 hour, 150 mile relay to Peoria, where we will meet up with thousands of runners from all across Illinois at the Convention Center.  All of us have one goal in common, to help St. Jude Children’s Hospital raise money in order to continue the fight against various types of cancer that afflict young people.  Behind each runner is a group of donors who have done their part as well.

For 2012, with the help of my band mates, we have recorded the song “Couple Days” which is about the St. Jude Run, specifically a stop we make in the town of Roanoke, IL.  We are currently working on a video and hope that we can use this to spread the word.  I will provide updates as we get closer to having it ready.  For now, if you click on “A Song I Wrote” you can hear the audio recording of the song.

The fact that you’re looking at my site means you are interested in helping as well, so please help make a difference and go to my donation page and give what you can!



Help Me Help Kids

As many of you already know, I will be participating in the St. Jude run from Chicago to Peoria on July 20th-21st.  This will be the 9th consecutive year that I will be participating.  For those of you who are not familiar with the St. Jude Run, here is a little background on St. Jude and the run itself.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital is on the forefront of treatment of many different types of cancer in children’ and young adults.  Since its inception, St. Jude has been an integral part of the increase in survival rates of many different types of cancer.  The amazing thing about St. Jude is that thanks to donations from people like yourselves, no patient is ever turned away due to financial reasons.  That’s right, if a patient is a candidate for St. Jude based on their medical condition, they are treated, regardless of their ability to pay.  This is only possible because of generous donations from people like you!  St. Jude is known as a very efficient charity, focused on its cause and determined to save kids lives, please help!

Approximately 175 runners will take off from Midwestern University in Downers Grove on a 30 hour, 150 mile run to the Peoria Convention Center where the  annual St. Jude Telethon is held.  Runners each raise a minimum of $1,250 in order to be able to do participate.  This year I’m doing something that I hope will take my fundraising viral, and really increase my total.  With help from the guys in Finneus (especially Jeff Dometita) we are recording the song “Couple Days” which I wrote a few years ago about the St. Jude run.  Jeff and I will also be working on a video which we hope to take viral in order to raise awareness (and hopefully donations).  Once completed, the thought is to get this online and spread the word…  The audio recording is moving along nicely. For those who donate now, I’ll send out a sneak peak MP3 of the song to check out.

So, how do you help out?  Below is a link to my site, please give what you can.  You cannot imagine how much it means to the patients, their families, and their communities that there are people like you out there who give what they can to help people like them that they will likely meet.  You truly help save children’s lives with your donation to St. Jude.

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P.S. – there is a very goofy photo from the run in 2010 of yours truly on my site, but if you check it out, you better donate!