Southern Generosity

I want to share a quick story of something amazing that happened in Charleston, SC last night…

My wife Michelle and I were in Charleston for a quick getaway and stopped in at Molly Darcy’s and I did a few songs of karaoke. During one of the lengthy solos in “Sweet Child Of Mine”, I passed one of my “Dave Helps Kids” business cards to Tommy Snee, who was running karaoke.

Tommy doesn’t flinch and hands me a crisp hundred dollar bill and has me explain my mission to the bar. Truly awesome! Tommy, you really made our day. I can’t believe you did that, thank you so much on behalf of all the kids at St. Jude and their families. Granted we’d each had a couple adult beverages prior, but Michelle and I were both pretty darn near tearing up.

Thanks so much, it was a random act of kindness that certainly did not go unnoticed.